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The Meaning of Hebrew In Luganda

The Banyankole’s oral history narrates that they are the descendants of the Bachwezi, or Banyamwezi (people of the moon) who were Egyptians fleeing from Kemet (ancient Egypt), which was in turmoil. This was during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) of the 18th dynasty (1,570-1,293 BC). The first group…

The Meaning of Bantu

There is no universal definition for the meaning of the word bantu because Bantu people belong to the same language family but diverse ethnic groups. They are called bantu in Kikongo and Kituba; watu in Swahili; anthu in Chichewa; batu in Lingala; bato in Kiluba; bato in Duala; abanto in…


Biblical Hebrew is an African Bantu language. The language known as Biblical Hebrew was learnt by the Hebrews from the Ancient Egyptians, who were African Bantu people. Because Eurocentric Bible scholars and Egyptologists have consistently disregarded and dismissed Bantu languages as possible sources of ancient Egyptian languages or ancient Hebrew,…

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