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The Language Known As Biblical Hebrew

The language known as Biblical Hebrew was learnt by the Hebrews from the Ancient Egyptians, who were Bantu people.

All Hebrew words are similar, if not identical, to Luganda/Bantu words. Even where the similarities are not obvious, Hebrew words still bear a marked resemblance to their Bantu parent languages.

We provide a platform for the identification of similarities between all Biblical Hebrew words and Luganda words. We also provide resources and materials to establish that Bantu languages were the parent languages of the Hebrew language.

These similarities and resources will empower Bantu people to interpret the Bible on their own terms. Similarities between the entire spectrum of Bantu languages and Hebrew negate Hebrew-Greco domination over the Biblical interpretation. The Bible must be interpreted within the historical, cultural, spiritual and linguistic framework of the Bantu languages in which it was written if we are to ever understand its true meaning.

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