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We share historical insights about the linguistic similarities between ancient Hebrew and the Bantu languages.

This is mainly an investigation of the linguistic connections between the Hebrew language and Luganda, the language of the most powerful kingdom in the Great Lakes region at the source of the Nile, reveals substantial similarities.

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of The Divine Language

There is no question that the Bible and secular Hebrew history mutually establish thousands of years’ strong ties between the Hebrews and Egypt; from Abraham the first Patriarch, to Christ the last prophet. There is also no question that secular history connects the Ancient Egyptians to the Nile Valley.

Any interrogation of the Hebrews must therefore interrogate Ancient Egypt, and any interrogation of Ancient Egypt must interrogate Africa where Egypt is located, and any discussion of Africa must interrogate the Nile Valley where the Ancient Egyptians originated and where they returned upon their expulsion from Egypt.

It is, however, questionable, that Egyptologists have excluded all evidence of Black Africa as the origin of the Ancient Egyptians and the home of their descendants. Bible scholars and Egyptologists alike have also excluded all  nonarchaeological or nonphysical anthropological evidence of language, culture or spirituality that might connect Black Africa with Ancient Egypt and ultimately the Hebrews with Black Africa.

Bantu languages have been ignored as possible sources of Ancient Egyptian languages or Hebrew and so the Bantu roots of Ancient Egyptian languages and Biblical Hebrew have gone largely unnoticed. As a consequence,  Egyptologists have miscategorized Ancient Egyptian as an Afro-Asiatic language, resulting in mistranslation and misinterpretation of both scripture and hieroglyphs. We have established unquestionable linguistic, cultural and spiritual connections between the Hebrew language and Bantu languages to prove that Hebrew is a Bantu language.

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